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Looking for the maximum thrill? Switch off the television-- it's time for a grand adventure. There is not even an experience within this world that compares with the thrill you'll receive jumping out of an airplane during your sky diving adventure.

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Whether you're playing hooky from your job or driving down on a Weekend, we're ready to get you up in the air.

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Sunnyvale Skydiving Disciplines

Now that you've been bitten by the 'skydiving bug', why not take a look at the fascinating range of skydiving practices? After all, there's more than one approach to experience the all-natural high of flying through the sky!

Let our skydiving specialists show you where to go for your next aerial experience.

Here's a few of the more preferred variants to skydiving that you may want to try out through Sunnyvale Skydiving.

Sky Surf

Alright, so the wind is the water, but where is the board at more than a mile and a half in the sky? Skysurfing combines the best of both conventional water surfing and skateboarding with skydiving, producing a revolutionary way to have your upcoming high-flying journey.

Canopy Swooping

When you see canopy piloting in action, you'll want to discover how to do it.

Rotate between balanced flight and a precise plunge to experience the adrenaline of the Earth swallowing you up; canopy swooping is among the most intense rushes available to the modern skydiver.

Free Flight

Play Super hero all you want in a freefly skydive. Your body is your equipment during freefly skydiving, it depends on you to maintain it and use your movements to develop something magical before opening the chute and drifting the rest of the way down.

Wingsuit Flying

Try your hand at commanding the wingsuit. Slip on the "squirrel suit" and leap into the deep chasm of the sky, only to trick gravity when you open your arms and begin gliding through the blue sea.

{Always wished you could soar with the birds? Wingsuit diving is the solution. Give us a call!|Give us a call today to make a reservation for your upcoming skydive!

Why Choose Us?

Parachuting is a well-known sport that is carried out with the greatest degree of safety. The sport has come to be exponentially safer over the years as companies must adhere to precise regulations regarding equipment and training. Nonetheless, choosing the "right" company for your diving adventure can be a demanding task. Sunnyvale Skydiving is your ultimate partner with a reputation of an impeccable safety record and exceptional experiences. Sunnyvale Skydiving is the biggest organization of parachuting affiliates in the country. We can connect you with passionate and experienced instructors that will provide you with the assistance you require to emerge as a successful skydiver.


Contact us at Sunnyvale Skydiving to make a reservation with any of our affiliates today. We provide tandem and free fall options for anyone that lives for the excitement, with or without diving experience. Reservations are valid for two years after the date of purchase and dives can be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. While we don't offer refunds, reservations are transferable.

With the help of our qualified instructors, you will get an extraordinary experience. Take the dive and contact us right now to make your appointment. You definitely will thank yourself later!

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Sunnyvale Skydiving

Our team specializes in presenting first timers with a safe, exciting and unique skydiving adventure. We'll connect you with a licensed skydiving instructor who will take you from the ground to the air - and back again - offering you a thrilling intro to the habit forming sport of tandem skydiving!

Here is what you need to keep in mind about preparing for, and taking pleasure in, your very first skydive:




Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


You'll get pointed in the right direction to get you started with skydiving services located near you.